Watermelon For Erectile Dysfunction?

That juicy slice of watermelon may be greater than just scrumptious, it can be the solution in your troubles with erectile dysfunction, or ED. The idea of ingesting watermelons for erectile dysfunction remedy may sound absurd however it’s miles a truth.

Researchers at Texas A&M University currently discovered that watermelon is rich with an amino acid known as citrulline, which dilates and relaxes the blood vessels like Viagra and different drugs used to treat ED. Previously, scientists believed that most of the citrulline in watermelon become inside the rind however new research have proven otherwise.

So what can consuming watermelons do for erectile disorder and how does it work? When citrulline is consumed, it converts to the amino acid arginine. This in flip will increase the stages sildenafil 150mg of nitric oxide within the blood. Nitric oxide helps to dilate and loosen up the blood vessels.

Watermelons for Erectile Dysfunction – Still Too Early to Say

There are still lots of query marks surrounding the intake of watermelons for erectile disorder treatment. Scientists nonetheless aren’t certain how an awful lot watermelon one might need to eat so that you can be powerful in treating erectile disorder. Scientists do know that a 4 ounce serving of watermelon contains 150mg of citrulline but on the way to acquire Viagra-like outcomes no person is aware of how a whole lot citrulline needs to be consumed.

Some respected participants of the clinical community scoff on the concept of consuming watermelons for erectile disorder remedy. According to them, the extensive majority of men who be afflicted by ED aren’t poor in arginine and not anything proves that eating watermelons wealthy in citrulline will enhance penile dysfunction.

Bhimu Patil, the director of the lab that carried out the studies, says that regular watermelon intake might also prevent ED. Another gain of ordinary watermelon intake is that it is able to decrease your blood pressure.

Perhaps it’s far premature to mention that watermelon is powerful for erectile dysfunction treatment but it would not hurt to try both way. Watermelon is wealthy in potassium, lycopene, and beta-carotene and it is low in calories. Don’t refrigerate your watermelon earlier than cutting it to maintain nutrients from diminishing.

Even if eating watermelon for erectile dysfunction treatment may not be powerful, why no longer see for your self? There is not any risk involved and it can certainly gain your fitness in other methods. So what are you expecting? This summer, try ingesting watermelons or ingesting watermelon juice and notice what it could do for your intercourse existence.

Posted by John Locke