How to win at sports betting: Strategies you can take to the bank


There are no guarantees in the world of sports betting picks. There are strategies that will help you tilt the odds in your favour. These are some of the strategies pros use to ensure they always win. Take a look at the options and determine if there are any that you could use to improve your betting strategies for either the 2013-2014 NFL Season or the current NCAA season.

Arbitrage Betting

Some gamblers consider arbitrage betting a win-win strategy when it comes to sports betting picks. Arbitrage is used extensively by professional betters, including those who bet on the New York Stock Exchange’s rise and fall of stocks. It is also known as “offsetting risk”. It’s also known as “hedging your wagers”. Arbitrage betting is basically placing bets on opposing outcomes so that you win no matter what happens in a game.

However, there is one caveat. Arbitrage betting requires you to ensure that your winnings on one bet are greater than your losses on the other. To do this, you need to research the best odds offered by the different sportsbooks. Bookmakers adjust their betting lines constantly to keep up with new information. Each bookmaker uses information to determine how many bets have been placed in favor or against a position. This information can vary greatly from one bookmaker. You can shop around for arbitrage opportunities for each game of the 2013-2014 NFL Season. You can also save time and effort by signing up for a service that provides pro-football picks for every game, including the odds of each position being favored.

Value betting

Value betting is a way to make a consistent return on your investment in sports betting picks if you pay attention and are attentive to the game and the odds. If you are able to identify when the odds for a specific game or outcome are too high, this strategy can work. You may see a NCAA game with 5 to 1 odds, but you think the underdogs have a chance of winning, or at least beating the spread. In this situation, a bet on the underdog will yield a significantly higher return and it is well worth it. The opposite is true, too: You should recognize low value bets and avoid them.

Flat Betting System

Flat betting is easy. Flat betting is exactly what it sounds. To calculate how much you’ll wager on each of the games, you need to determine how much your bank has for the 2013-2014 NFL and NCAA football seasons. You will wager the same amount on each game, regardless of whether you win or not. You’ll be ahead if you win more than your losses.

Although there is no secret to winning with flat betting systems, it can be difficult. It is important to make smart choices about your sports betting picks. There are two ways you can do this, one on its own or together. You have two options. One is to choose the best bets, which will give you the most profit. In this case you might be able to win even if your bets lose more than your wins. Another option is to pick more winners than losers. Flat betting systems are more profitable than traditional methods because you only need to win 52.3 percent of the times.

Posted by John Locke