Finasteride for male hair loss: how it works and where to buy

Finasteride is a medicine for treating androgenetic alopecia. A medical term for male pattern baldness or simply male hair loss. Finasteride is both the most preferred and most effective treatment available. In fact, it’s the only treatment available that stops male hair loss at the source (excl. dutasteride)

Male hair loss is caused by the male hormone dihydrotesterone, known as DHT. Hair follicles that come in contact with DHT, lose their ability to produce thick and long hair over time. Instead, hair will become thinner and shorter. It’s a process that takes several years, but leads eventually to what we call hair thinning and hair loss.

The good thing is that one 1mg tablet of finasteride reduces the amount of DHT by 70%. Enough to stop hair loss in 8/10 men.

Like we said, finasteride is a medicine and so a prescription is required. Men in the UK and the Netherlands are able to get one real easy through A Health Clinic for Men providing personalised treatmentplans and prescriptions online.

You can start an online diagnosis on their website. You’re asked to fill in some questions after which a physician reviews your answers and issues a prescription if necessary. The process is real simple and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Your treatment is then send with 2-day complementary shipping right to to your door.

For more information about finasteride for male hair loss and buying it online you can visit their website: finasteride for male hair loss.

Posted by John Locke